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Previously, African music required a great use of percussion instruments to give off it�s exciting and dance worthy rhythm. This called for the use of instruments like the xylophone, drums, the �thumb piano� and any other instrument that produced a great tone.

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Traditional African Music

Today, African music incorporates several different styles and characteristics of American (specifically Western in the mid-20th century). African music is now heavily influenced by today�s R&B, Soul music, Jamaican Reggae and many other forms that you have come to know and appreciate and it doesn�t stop there.

Modern African Music

African music has been intertwined with several different styles and given birth to other musical forms that have spread across the continent. High life, Nigerian juju, West African makossa and even hip-hop infused African music have also bloomed from this musical seed. In every time in history African music has always been used to enliven celebrations and festivals or set the scene and bring life to storytelling.

Listen to Afican Music Online

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