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Hardly any other genre acts simultaneously so fascinating and so beautiful alien to Western listeners as Asian music. The diversity of different cultures and music of Asia inspired music lovers all around the world for thousands of years. Unique instruments such as the Chinese Dulcimer, Shakuhachi or Gong not only play a role in classical music, but are still very present.

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Traditional Asian Music

Ancient Traditions of Beautiful Folk and Court Music: Traditional Asian music has its earliest roots in flutes, chimes and bells played for ancient courts. Later, as people embraced the concepts of dancing and singing, Asian music began to change. The delightful light opera music associated with the Chinese Ming dynasty still influences many styles heard today.

Traditional Asian music uses flutes, plucked instruments and bowed instruments like the famous horse-head fiddle. In many Asian cultures, the scales developed are pentatonic scales. They often differ from Western music styles, by not being equally-tempered. High Energy Songs to Get You Dancing and Singing ...

Modern Asian Music

Some modern Asian music reflects the strong cultural traditions of the region's past. Other Asian music, like the upbeat, dance-able beats of K-pop, often sounds closer to American club and pop music. J-pop and C-pop tend to be fun party songs too. However, Asian music often runs to classical, symphonic, opera and even patriotic songs.

Listen to Asian Music Online

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