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On you can listen to radio music from Spain. At this point you can learn more about the country: Spain is a sovereign state located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. Its mainland is bordered to the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea except for a small land boundary with Gibraltar; to the north and northeast by France, Andorra, and the Bay of Biscay; and to the west and northwest by Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean. Along with France and Morocco, it is one of only three countries to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. Spain's 1,214 km border with Portugal is the longest uninterrupted border within the European Union.

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Official name: Kingdom of Spain
Polity: ?
Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy

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The language is Spanish. The capital of Spain is Madrid. The country has an area of 504.645 km² (for comparison: United Kingdom 315.093 km²). In Spain there is a population of 46.609.652 and 3.233.054 only in Madrid. The currency is Euro (EUR) ...

Education in Spain

definition: age 15 and over can read and write - total population: 97,9% man: 98,7% woman: 97,2% (2003 est.)

Health expenditure

9,7% of GDP (2009) - at a density of doctor: 3,705 doctors / 1.000 citizen (2009) - and 3,22 hospital beds / 1.000 citizen (2008) hospital beds per capita

Information for tourists and expatriates

Per year a resident earned (GDP per capita): $30,600 (2011 est.) $30,400 (2010 est.) $30,600 (2009 est.) note: data are in 2011 US dollars

Total gross domestic product as an indicator of prosperity: $1.411 trillion (2011 est.) $1.4 trillion (2010 est.) $1.402 trillion (2009 est.)

The unemployment rate was: 21,7% (2011 est.) 20,1% (2010 est.)

Was is with the economy?

Percentage of public debt: 68.2% of GDP (2011 est.) 60.1% of GDP (2010 est.)

External public debt in US dollars: $2,57 trillion (30 June 2011) $2,166 trillion (30 June 2010)

Exports: $330,6 billion (2011 est.) $253 billion (2010 est.)

Imports: $384,6 billion (2011 est.) $315,3 billion (2010 est.)

Foreign exchange and gold reserves: $31.91 billion (31 December 2010 est.) $28.2 billion (31 December 2009 est.)

Military spending: 1.2% of GDP (2005 est.)

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Mobile phones: 51,493 million (2009)

Internet users: 28,9 million (2009)

Number of airports: 152 (2012)

Major places of Spain Radios

Almería province; Cádiz province; Córdoba province; Granada province; Huelva province; Jaén province; Málaga province; Seville province; Álava province; Biscay province; Gipuzkoa province; Las Palmas province; Santa Cruz de Tenerife province