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The classical Armenian music ranges from liturgical chants to the lively folk music, singing of the traditional life of the Armenians.

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Traditional Armenian Music

Traditional Armenian music is largely based around work related fields, such as plowing in the fields and singing along with lyrics that describe their actions. Farming related songs, more primarily based around plowing, is called "horovel." Many of these songs also express the individual's love of nature, as well as their personal respect for their chosen path as a farmer. There exists many traditional songs meant for ceremonies, weddings and funerals being the most important of all. Musical instruments used in traditional Armenian music include the Schawn, the Duduk, and Oud. Most instruments used are either string instruments or the wind instrument. One of the most well known instruments used is the Sulich, which is also known as a type of Ocarina. Each instrument is crafted by hand using an assortment of materials, including goat skin and various types of woods.

Modern Armenian Music

Armenian music has come a long way, which is only to be expected. While a lot of modern music from Armenia plays tribute to more traditional forms of music, nowadays pop music is often played alongside more folksy performances. The most notable genre of Armenian music, which still holds true to their folk roots, is known as Rabiz music. Rabiz is meant to stand for a "laborers art," which is meant to pay homage to the hard workers of the past who would sing their tunes while they toiled away during a hard day's labor. Rock and hip-hop are also widely enjoyed in Armenia. There are many notable celebrities of Armenian descent, which fit into this category. This includes Derek Sherinian, Cher, and all members of the band System of a Down.

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