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When it comes to the music of our current day, there are numerous types of music ranging from the instrumental orchestra to the hardest of grunge bands. Music has profoundly different sounds and beats to their compositions depending on which culture and time period you are investigating. Chinese music uses non-traditional instruments and inspirations for the creation of their cultural musical masterpieces.

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Historical influences on Chinese Music

The beginnings of Chinese music were believed to be from the sounds of nature. Bamboo pipes that mimicked the sounds of birds were developed into a twelve-tone Chinese music system. The Chinese believe in the harmony between human, animal, and earth. The Chinese music reflects the harmony between the five elements of nature. They use different sounding bells and light instruments such as flutes, chimes, the Sheng, harps, and light drum brushes. These instruments evoke tranquility and calm in the listener.

Modern influences on Chinese Music

Keeping the traditional instruments that was once used by their ancestors, the up and comers in the Chinese music scene also integrate modern Western instruments as well. This mix of instruments produces a sound that is unique from all other culture's music. The very youngest of the Chinese music scene partake in the live concerts of the popular Western music superstars.

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