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Sun, vitality and Salsa - This is Cuban music! When night falls in Havana raging in the old town behind the waterfront nightlife and every corner of the streets sounds of salsa sound. Cuban music is rhythm and temperament. In the Casa de la Musica plays every evening a different dance band and heated the audience so right. Here occur famous bands such as Los Van Van and La Habanera Cgaranga.

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Traditional Cuban Music

Traditionally, before the 20th century, Cuban music directions consisted of what's known as the Cuban folk music. It was a very diverse kind of Cuban music due to the fact that it was influenced by the Spanish people, slaves from Africa and several other indigenous population from the Caribbean. Many of the instruments that were used to play Cuban folk music were instruments such as the congas, bata drums, marimbula and cajon. Even to this day, there are a variety of private clubs in Cuba that still focus on playing only traditional music such as the Buena Vista Social Club that focuses on playing Cuban Folk Music.

Modern Cuban Music

In the modern times, Son is the predominant type of Cuban music, it is also referred to as the symbol of the island. This type of music consists of two parts: an opening verse and a montuno section. Another type of modern music in Cuba is the Afro-Cuban Rumba which consists of voice, tumbadores, percussion, high pitch conga drums and palitos. Cubans are also credited with being the pioneers of Latin dance music as well, such as the Chachacha', Charanga and Dazon.

Listen to Cuban Music Online

If you have a love for Cuban music, whether it may be the traditional Cuban music from the early days, or modern era Cuban music such as the sound of son or Chachacha, one of the best places where you can go to listen it is at - This Website is a radio portal, that specializes in providing thousands of internet radio stations that specialize in providing a specific type of music.