Bulgarian music

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Bulgarian music is incredibly diverse. From mournful folk songs to thumping disco beats, Bulgarian music has something for everyone. One type of song that is exclusive to Bulgarian music is Chalga. Chalga, also called �ethnopop� or �folkpop�, highlights exotic themes of oriental vocalizations and undulating belly dancers.

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Traditional Bulgarian Music

Characteristic for Bulgarian music are songs without time signature, which end in a dance with irregular intervals. We distinguish industrial, labor, Table and dance-folk songs. Custom songs sung on the occasion of certain festivals, work songs of women working in the fields and harvest. Very popular are the Sedjankas. Panel songs are about heroes and important historical events. There is also the liturgical music, which dates back to the Byzantine church music. World famous, especially the Bulgarian women's choirs.

Modern Bulgarian Music

Originating from the ethnic minorities of Bulgaria hailing from Turkish or Gypsy backgrounds, Chalga has been able to take the instruments of old Bulgarian Music, like clarinets, bagpipes, and synthesizer socas, and turn them into modern dance themes with beautiful women in club wear and rich men in suits. Snake charmers and palm readers add an element of mysticism, in a world of luxury and pleasure. Chalga is often featured in the Eurovision Song Contest. One singer who is particularly renown in Bulgaria and throughout Eastern Europe is Azis. Azis has been liked by so many, he ran for Parliament. Some of his famous songs include �Sen Trope� (Saint Trope) and �Tochno sega� (Right Now).

Modern Bulgarian music is also a mix of folk songs and western pop music. Since the 1970s inspire legendary rock groups such as Schturzite, monolith and factor with a mixture of folk song, rock and Bulgarian choral singing. Best asset for Bulgarian folk-jazz is the world famous saxophonist Boriana Dimitrova. During the communist era, a pop music with dance and techno elements originated (Estrada). Current favorite in discos is the Bulgarian chalga, is combined with the Balkan folklore with oriental songs and hip-hop rhythms.

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