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Indonesia is a vast and complex country. When an Indonesian music fan speaks of the music of Indonesia, they are speaking of music from the main island of Java.

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Traditional Indonesian music

Traditional Indonesian music from Java is important for entertainment, cultural and even political reasons. The Javanese gamelan orchestra provides music for all Indonesian traditional dances. It is also present for the often political satire of the Wayang Kulit (shadow puppet play).

A gamelan orchestra has different sized bronze instruments. Teakwood hammers strike the bronze instruments to produce the unique sounds. There are also smaller instruments called Angklung made of bamboo. If you traveled to Java and Bali, you would notice a distinct difference in the sound of gamelan Indonesian music. A Bali gamelan orchestra plays faster and up at least one half of the tonal scale.

There are at least two systems of tone in Javanese music. One representing male influences and the other represents female. These change as the active puppet in the Wayang Kulit play moves through the course of an evening.

Modern Indonesian music

Modern Indonesian music is of two genre, Jazz and Dangdut. Dangdut is a mixture of other modern music types, but named in Indonesia as Dangdut. It is loud and rather raucous and played outdoors with too loud speakers. Dangdut is the most popular type of Indonesian music. Throughout the country it attracts masses of Indonesian young citizens. Indonesian Jazz is as good as it gets. Every year the world's best Jazz players arrive in the capital city of Jakarta to perform at the Jakarta Jazz festival.

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