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Full of intrigue, a long, rich history - that's Iranian music. For instance, its origins date back thousands of years. Its music is intriguing because most people associate Iranian music with Muslim or even Arab music, when in fact Iran is a Persian country with Chaldean influences. At Ur Of The Chaldeans, more than 5,000 years ago during the time of the Biblical patriarch Abraham was where Persian music had its origins.

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Traditional Iranian Music

The Medes and Persians, during the reigns of Cyrus The Great and Darius I around 536 B. C. were early proponents of traditional Iranian music, which involved instruments such as flutes, allegedly invented by Hammurabi and modified by Barbad, a prominent Iranian musician. Other early instruments included the ancient accordion, the harp, and the mandolin. The Dastgah is a musical modal system composed of several musical styles, created in the early 15th century; it influences modern Iranian music as its religiously based. This is important to mention as Iran is an Islamic republic where religion is the rule of law.

Modern Iranian Music

With the exception of religious Iranian music, popular music isn't respected much, however, folk music occupies a high level of reverence among rural Iranians. Shiite religious music, featuring harps and accordions, is commonly heard throughout the country. So is Opera, which originated in Iran before it spread throughout Europe. Current Persian symphonic music is what the middle and affluent classes listen to, along with recitations of their holy Islamic book, the Koran, which are considered very high musical performances. Iran's young population will listen to bootlegged Western musical styles such as Rock, Hip Hop, and others, under risk of getting caught by the Islamic cultural police, which only allow religious and folk music to be heard.

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