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Japanese music can be summed up by a word called Kabuki or the Japanese art of song and dance. This is true for traditional Japanese music and for the contemporary Japanese sound. The music of Japan is grounded in a rich cultural heritage and is influenced by genre's of the west.

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The Classic Sound of Japan

Traditional Japanese music is the heart and soul of Japan's musical foundation. The classical music of Japan is closely tied to the theater. Kabuki and Noh are two theater based musical forms that are still prominent in modern times. Gagaku is the oldest classification of music since it was played in the court of emporers. Other traditional music types include shomyo, joruri, nagauta and shakuhachi and sokyoku.

Modern Japanese Music

Modern Japanese music is heavily influenced by the west. American pop, rock, R&B and hip hop are the primary contributors to the modern music scene in Japan. J-pop or Japanese pop is the nickname given to the nation's contemporary sound. J-pop has not surpassed the traditional forms of Japanese music. However, younger generations in Japan have become culturally attached to this sound. J-pop is now a permanent music genre within this country.

Japanese people are being exposed to the English language through the use of J-pop. English lyrics are commonly placed inside of J-pop tunes so that they will have a universal appeal to English speaking people. The J-pop sound is transported to different parts of the world. Including Asia, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

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