Kazakh music

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Several lines of tradition come together in the Kazakh music, because the Kazakh music has many roots: The original forms derive from a shamanistic influenced music of the nomadic and horse people, ranging as far as China.

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Traditional Kazakh Music

Traditional Kazakh music has been passed down from many generations. The foundation of this music centered around the dombra. The dombra is a string instrument that has a unique sound. Many types of traditional Kazakh music are accompanied by a dombra. One style of music is known as a kui. A kui is an instrumental musical composition. A kui was memorized by heart, and passed along from generation to generation. A kui was unique, and each one had it's own features. Among these unique kuis, are even some that are dedicated to nature sounds and animals.

Modern Kazakh Music

Modern Kazakh music is strongly influenced by Russia, China, and Europe. Pop music and artists, like Madina Sadragasova and A-studio, are on the rise. Talent searches similar to American Idol are popular in Kazakhstan. As a result, they have brought a resurgence of young musicians to Kazakh music. Some musicians wish to fuse together traditional Kazakh music, with the influence of western cultures. Rock group, Ulytau, even includes the use of a dombra in their hardcore rock music.

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