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Even in ancient Persian music was extremely popular. At the court of the Sassanian kings had singers and musicians held a high rank. With the advance of Islam, however, was a mixed attitudes towards music and dance. This meant that they only played music in a private setting.

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Traditional Persian Music

Traditional Persian Music uses a variety of instruments. It was during Alexander the Great that music played a very important cultural role. During the reign of the kings of the Sassanid and Safavid Empire, music had a great significance in the affairs of religion.

Persian Music and classical Persian music used the �tombak� which is a type of drum, the flute or �ney�, the �daf� or bigger drum. A variety of long neck lutes, the �setar�, the dulcimer or �santur�, and primary string instruments called the �tar� and the �ghanun� are still popular favorites. Harps, violins and pianos later on became part of the traditional Persian Music and many musical instruments such as the �zither� and a fiddle known as the �ghaychak� were traditional Folk Musical instruments.

Modern Persian Music

Many of the American rock bands such as �The Doors�, �Pink Floyd�, �Metallica�, �AC/DC� and others influenced the traditional and classical Persian Music in the 1970�s and then again after being dormant in the 1980�s. Rock music was back again in the 1990�s, although not openly. Many bands have moved out of the country, but such Persian metal bands as the �Angband� are well known internationally. Hip hop and rap, as well as electronic music became very popular in Iran in the 1990�s, especially to those who were born after the 1979 revolution.

Listen to Persian Music Online

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