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Peruvian music is an intriguing combination of beautiful sounds and influences. These influences range from the Incas, who created the first forms of Peruvian music 3,000 years ago. When the Spanish conquered Peru in 1532 they introduced the Incas to other forms of music such as Zarzuela, Flamenco, and instruments such as the zampona and the violin, which Peruvians incorporated into their musical styles over time.

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Traditional Peruvian Music

As the Incas incorporated musical styles and influences, traditional Peruvian music came into creation. For instance, during the 18th and 19th centuries more than 1,000 musical genres came into existence- the most of any country in the world! The most popular musical styles in Peru during this time period are the Marinera and Huayno. Their influence is so extensive that any contemporary Peruvian artist today employs either of these two musical styles.

Modern Peruvian Music

Speaking of modern Peruvian music, the Marinera musical style is also the national dance of Peru. It features a very upbeat tempo and pace, perfect for incorporating into modern musical styles. Chabuca Granda was a famous exponent of modern Peruvian folk music. Even though she died in 1983 her compositions are still heard the world over, featuring both Huayno and Marinera styles.

The Peruvian Cumbia has its origins in the 1960s, from Huayno influences. It's still heard today. Peruvian Rock is a growing form of music, featuring touches of Inca styles, giving it an innovative sound which today's Peruvian youth enjoy.

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